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Rudra is a 5 year old child. Rudra’s parents did not even know that the child was in so much trouble. One day, while playing, Rudra started feeling short of breath. Rudra was taken to Doctor, who diagnoses the child with a hole in his heart? He stated that the cost of operation / surgery would be approx. Rs 5-6 lakhs. But Rudra’s family did not have so much money. So the doctor referred him to Delhi AIIMS. The doctors at Delhi AIIMS, after doing all the tests, asked for surgery but he got a very long date. The condition of the child is also not good. There are 2 wards in AIIMS, government and private, the estimate in government ward is Rs.46000, but the child does not have much time, so they advised the private word, where the estimated expense is Rs.99000. You can check all the related documents of the child Rudra . Please help us to get the child operated at the earliest.


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