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Child Education

Education is a child right, children must get proper education. we are trying to make children to go to school by our Child Education Awareness programme.

India has over 3 million children living on the streets? Or has over 150 million children working as bonded labourers? Or one out of every six girl child does not live to see her 15th birthday? What happens when despite having a national policy for compulsory primary education, only 50% of children have access to education? For many children who still do not have access to education, it is notable because of persisting inequality and marginalization. In developing and developed countries alike, children do not have access to basic education because of inequalities that originate in sex, health and cultural identity (ethnic origin, language, religion). These children find themselves on the margins of the education system and do not benefit from learning that is vital to their intellectual and social development. 

Food Donation Camp

We are organizing food donation camp for the children who doesn’t get food daily.  Due to the following reasons we suggest to every body to donate money and conduct food donation camp for the poor children.

More children under the age of five die in India than anywhere else in the world. A recent estimate puts this figure at over 1.5 million children a year—over 4,500 child deaths a day. A third of these could have been averted if children did not go to bed hungry night after night. These figures suggest that over 3,00,000 children die every year in India because of hunger. And for many children who escape death, the poverty of their parents means that hunger remains an unremitting part of their lives. Hunger does not stunt only the body, it also affects the brain. The result: An entire generation of children born into poverty with stunted intellectual development which traps them in the same poverty their parents lived with. A state of poverty which will ultimately kill them well before their fellow citizens who did not go hungry during childhood.

Our organisation also visits the slum area for food distribution to those people who are not able to manage even a two square meal a day.
If you can sponsor a one time meal for such people, it will be a great help to our organisation and these needy people.

Blankets Distribution

Our organisation is also making arrangements for blankets distribution to Old Age home, so that they can withstand this severe cold weather. You can also support us in this noble cause by making generous donation to our organisation.

Fund Rising For Child Education

We are conducting fund rising program for the poor children to give a proper education and support. Only education decreases poverty of poor people that’s why we tried to educate child. 

Bring Awareness About Child Education

Our Education Awareness Program has been a great boon to the society. Our program in this genre is extended to children of slum dwellers and migrant labors who do not have the wherewithal to educate their children. We believe education is the greatest gift that one can offer to a child. Our education awareness program has spread the light of awareness among children who were otherwise drifting to a aimless un productive life. This program has offer new hope and confidence among children who could be productive member of the society. 

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